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Extraordinary new skin care range

pro-ferm is different

  • pro-ferm is new and unique and patented.
  • pro-ferm is the only skin care range to naturally harness the power of your skin’s immune system to repair and renew.
  • combines ultra luxury ingredients with the Glucaferm® and Hyaferm® complex.
  • pro-ferm is clinically tested and approved

Ultra luxury patented ingredients

"Skincare Treatments have finally come of age - makes a huge step forward in helping delay skin ageing." Lucia van de Post - The Times

"Probably one of the biggest recent advances in non invasive anti-ageing treatment."  Dr Paul Clayton MA PhD - President, Section on Health, Royal Society Medicine

 "A seriously good super-luxe skin-boosting treat"
   Newby Hands - Beauty Director Harpers Bazaar

Groundbreaking research from Professors Fleischer and Gerber brings you:

  • Fabulous ultra luxury creams scientifically proven to improve and nurture your skin

  • The extraordinary rejuvenating benefits of Beta-Glucans in a range of patented luxury skin care treatments.

  • The transportation of these actives deep into the skin without any invasive techniques.

  • The unique brilliance of the patented combination of Glucaferm® and Hyaferm® blended into ultra luxury creams and lotions.

  • The dual benefit of a specifically designed ‘World First’ nutritional maintenance program to provide the essential internal support for your skin.

  • Is kind to even the most sensitive skin, is non greasy and highly concentrated.

  • Combines the finest ingredients with the latest science.

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The Range


pro-ferm range

pro-ferm rejuvenates your skin.

Dermatologically tested and scientifically proven, pro-ferm has a fundamentally different mode of action from all other skin creams.

Luxury face and body care that supports the bodies defence systems to genuinely reduce the signs of ageing in an entirely natural way.

Essentially, pro-perm harnesses the power of your skin’s immune system – the trigger for the skins repair and renewal mechanism - to rejuvenate and re-build the fabric of your skin.

Generally acknowledged as the most luxurious and effective of all cosmecutical skin care ranges from the pro-ferm shop.

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